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What is Essentials of Link Building

All about Link building?

It is the procedure wherein you get other pages from external websites to link to a specific webpage on your website. This webpage is generally the home page of your website but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Links and the process of building them are used extensively in SEO as this method comprises of one of the most important aspects of SEO. Through research, it has been found that the most vital factor (apart from content) that determines how your page ranks on a search engine is Link Building.

What are the benefits of building links?

There are plethora of benefits of building high quality links. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Your website will rank high in search engines which means more traffic to your website. Your website will show up at the top when it is ranked high by powerful search engines like Google.
  • Your website will be seen as a valuable source of information for everyone. This also generates increased traffic to your website. People will keep coming back to your website for more information.
  • You will be able to build meaningful relationships with other businesses and people. Once you earn your links, you will become a trustworthy source and it will help you to build connections.
  • Building links helps extensively in building your brand name too. Links are directly linked to building your brand which makes you known as a provider of valuable information.
  • Your website will be able to reach a broader audience. This has benefits that more businesses will then be able to connect to you wherein both of you can benefit.
  • Your business will become more trusted by other businesses and audiences. This would help you build rapport with them which can benefit you in the long run as well.

What are the tips to make the most of links?

Sometimes Link Building can be a little tough especially if you are a beginner but nothing is impossible. Keep the following tips in mind and you will be building powerful links in no time without spending a fortune:

  • Content: Content and links go hand in hand. Both of these are important parts of ranking high on search engines. Give them equal importance and write content that is fresh, interesting and informative.
  • Placement of links and quality: The placement of the links should be somewhere in the content. Don’t have links in the footer or sidebars. Try to incorporate links from authoritative websites.
  • Blog writing: You can start to write your own blog where you post something new on a regular basis. Remember to stay focused and only concentrate on relevant content.
  • Guest post writing: You can voluntarily write a guest post on another website. For example, you can write an article. Just remember that the website that you are posting on is relevant to your business.
  • Build contacts: In order to build contacts, you could post something new or add value to a topic’s discussion in some way through your comment.
  • Write lists: Who doesn’t like lists? Lists have the advantage of being structured and people are usually drawn to them instantly. Try to use lists to make your content look more appealing to your reader.
  • Include research: You should include facts and figures in your content. This helps to give a solid foundation to what you are writing about. Don’t forget to include links to the original sources.
  • Write a testimonial: You can write a testimonial on another business’s website about a product that they launched. This helps you get a backlink from them and can potentially help increase traffic.
  • Reuse content: You can always reuse content but remember that it shouldn’t be boring in any way. Use different formats to explain certain content. You could use podcasts, webinars, guides, videos etc.

What do you need to take away from this?

Don’t underestimate the importance of links. Use them wisely and be picky about the kind of links and where to place them on your website. It is recommended that you earn your links rather than buying them. Another point to note is to be prepared to set aside quite some time to get the link aspect of your website right because it really does matter how your page ranks in search engines. That is one of the most important factors in determining how much traffic you get on your website.

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