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How to increase traffic for a website?

The multinational companies are getting benefited by reaching a large number of customers with mass productions. The same theory is applicable to people who do online services or sales. The number of customers viewing your webpage directly influences the sales of the online products and services. The very first thing is to make your website to reach all the customers when they search for information about particular products. The search engines are mostly Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The worldwide search engine is Google which holds 35000 users per second followed by Yahoo 15000 users per second. The search engine algorithm is used to rank the websites according to the information and popularity. Even though the content of the webpage is excellent, the Google index is very much important in increasing the ranking of your website.

1.    Promote


The success of the product is defined by the reaching capacity through promotion. Of course, the quality plays a dominant role which can be ensured by the promoter. The competition makes you promote in all the possible ways to increase the profit. You can promote the website by displaying your product on the popular websites that increase traffic to your website. The paid advertisement is the best option to bring a large number of people to visit your webpage.

 2.    Catch Social websites

social medias

The social media usage is skyrocketing with a large number of people in online throughout the day. So publishing or promoting your website through the popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

3.    Blend


Make your webpage is more attractive to quality information. Despite having a professional plain page, you can add attractive images, animations etc. Changing the usual fonts to attractive fonts and different styles and coloring also the best choice.

 4.    Carve enticing Headlines

The most important and highly influencing role is played by the headlines you choose. The general theme line says that you have to spend at least 60% of the time in choosing the enticing headlines which makes the customer read your blogs and details of the products. It is very much important for google index which crawls for the right keyword. So having a right keyword is important for bring large traffic and getting higher rank in google index.

5.    Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

The search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to increase the traffic to your websites. This can be done by yourselves or by bringing SEO experts into your business. The paid services are available for low level of few dollars to few thousand dollars. The webpage you have displaced for the customers should be excellent in content by providing new links and images. The perfect size for the content and images or videos should be optimized for user-friendly.

6.    Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keyword

The choice of the keyword should long in size that covers all the keywords searched by the users. This way google brings up your webpage to the user and this raises your traffic to your websites.

7.    Set up and encourage Guest Blogging

guest blog

 The other way to increase the traffic for your webpage is by providing backlinks to your websites by posting guest blogs on popular sites relevant to your field. But make sure your backlink is given to the right websites instead of spammy or poor web content sites. The Google index of your pages gets weaken by spammy websites. To increase the viewing rate, you can encourage the people who wish to post related topics and answering their queries which definitely increases the traffic of website in large scale. But you should make sure of the quality in the content. The copycat content is not encouraged by the google search engine.

 8.    Crawl After recommended Traffic

In another way, instead of looking for popular websites for referral, you can write quality content that makes others to provide you backlink. This may time consuming but worth forever. This will increase your traffic from the referral sites by crawling from more than one sites.

 9.  Publish Content on LinkedIn


Apart from regular social pages, the LinkedIn is used for job vacancies and promotion of different fields and connecting large number of people of the same specialization. So posting your website on LinkedIn promote your webpage to a new level. This connects people of your targeted users.

10.   More internal links

The content of the webpage demands very high in quality. The presentation of the content brings more traffic. So provide more internal links to different topics that are related to the users need.

11.  More exclusive Contents

Celebrity Interview

Providing the more popular content or information makes you suffer in heavy competition. Instead, you can try something in different dimensions like interviewing the most popular person or artists. This will gain you more recommended links. This is very simple by making an appointment with the celebrity and prepare a list of questions which grips the users’ attention.

12.   Follow Email Marketing

Email marketing is not over in the present days. By emailing your content to the users of corresponding field may encourage them to view your website. But do not share all the detailed information and frequently mailing them makes your further emails in the spam report. With perfect words, you make them get attracted to the website of yours.

13.  Transform your site to Responsive and speedy

The need to change your website from traditional to dynamic responsive is much in demand due to advancement in electronics. The desktop computers are not the only choice of users. The mobile, laptop and iPad are gaining more interest among large users and the webpage is to be responsive to different size of displays. The loading of your webpage should be high in speed to hold the users on the page. Else the user crawl to your competitor webpage. So resize your content and images to improve the speed.

14.  Promote Community interactions

Promoting or forming or providing space for same users brings more discussion and more guest posts. This will be recommended by the users and more people of same interest gets connected through this method. This brings more popularity to your websites in a short period of time.

Encouraging the comment sections of the guest post or blog will improve the users’ rate. This can be done by raising questions and answering the same with good content makes your websites a referral one for future. Be active in the comment sections and organize them by making it spicier.

15. Analysis of user’s interest

The statistical analysis of your webpage gives you the knowledge of users’ interest and what type of information is most searched by a large number of users. The same can be improved to bring a large population of viewers to your website.

 16.  Participation in  Social Media

Being active in the social media brings good viewing rate on your name. The same can be utilized to increase the popularity by posting your website on the social media for queries and other related information about the products or services.

17.  Post your site on Aggregator Sites

The aggregator sites offer the best links to the users for related information. By posting your links in these sites increase the popularity as well as traffic. But the sites are not being a spam. You should not backlink your website to poor contented websites.

18. Integrate Videos to increase the value


A visual is worth more than a thousand words. By integrating videos to your webpage offers more information related to the users’ search. This will increase the response of the user and the same can be converted into traffic.

19.  Do research on Competition

Knowing the competitor is as important as your content. Make sure your content is the best and the competitors’ strategy to be known. So research on the competitor’s approach and the right way to encounter them is to be analyzed every time.

20. Plan for Webinars and Conferences


By conducting webinars by requesting the users through email is the best promotional way for your web pages. This will increase your traffic significantly but the content of the webinar holds the customer connected to your websites.

Being active by knowing the recent developments by various conferences or organizing a conference brings more traffic to your websites.

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